Ode To Heroes Tier List (November 2023)

Looking for the best heroes to use in Ode to Heroes? You can find the characters ranked from best to worst in this Tier List.

Ode To Heroes is an idle Role-Playing Game developed by DH-Games for Android & iOS. The story makes you repair the timeline by leading your heroes throughout the past. You get a variety of characters to repair this timeline, but not all of them are equally strong, that’s where this Ode to Heroes Tier List comes in. Here, I have ranked the heroes from best to worst, so without further ado let’s get into the list.

Ode to Heroes Tier List (November 2023)

ode to heroes best characters tier list

Before we get into this list, these are just my recommendations of the best characters. Also since this game has many characters I haven’t selected them all. So you might find some characters that you use in a different tier or completely missing from the list. But that is fine if you enjoy playing with them. Now let us check this list.

Heroes Tier Faction
Damo S Yang
Da Qiao S Wind
Xi Shi S Yang
Xiang Yu S Yang
Nie Zheng S Fire
Diaochan S Yin
Li Bai S Water
Hongfu S Water
Zhong Wuyan S Earth
Wu Zetian A Water
Zhen Fu A Water
Cao Cao A Earth
Wang Zhaojun A Earth
Zhuge Liang A Fire
Huang Yueying A Fire
Guiguzi A Wind
Xiao Qiao A Wind
Mozi A Yin
Nie Yinniang B Yin
Zhang Liang B Earth
Zuo Ci B Earth
Mo Ye B Water
Huang Yueying B Fire
Yang Yuhuan C Earth
Lu Bu C Fire
Gan Jiang C Fire
Jing Ke C Wind
Cai Yan C Wind
Guan Zhong D Fire
Zhou Yu D Wind
Wei Zifu D Wind

That sums up this Ode to heroes Tier List of best heroes. If you enjoyed the above list don’t miss out on our other Tier Lists. And if you play other mobile games then you should find our Mobile game guides useful.

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