Oculus Rift And Dirt Rally To Make Our Virtual Realty Come True

An experience like you've never had before

The thrill of Rally like you’ve never seen before

Dirt Rally franchise has a loyal fan base of its own and is on the track to do so something only a few have done till now. The integration of Oculus Rift VR headset and Dirt Rally 2.0 will certainly be a surreal experience. Video games about motorsports can be exhilarating, crazy, and emotional and when you take the racetrack away from it, things change into a scenario of unknown peril and when you add a VR headset into the mix. Not only are you changing the very landscape of gaming experience you are also bringing newer audiences to the format.

One of the key points of a game becoming hugely successful is the ability of players completely immersing into the game world and feeling like a part of the narrative, the story. The fact that playing a game can make you feel as if you have been part of a story as it is told is beyond explainable, but then since then VR gaming though relatively new hasn’t yet been able to convince a lot of developers but, this tweet sent by official account of Dirt got a lot of people talking.


VR headsets when debuted got the world talking about them and Oculus Rift being one of the first companies looking into the world of immersive gaming blew the minds of the gaming industry when it showed the world its capabilities, Rally racing is a sport of high risks and not every individual is lucky or skilled enough to be a part of the sport. It feels exclusive and that means the rest of the population can only stand aside and witness but VR headsets showed a glimpse where the player could dive right in the game.

Dirt Rally 2.0 is scheduled to release on 25th February 2019, on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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