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Oculus GO Controller Not Working Fix [2023]

Unable to get your Oculus GO controller to work or connect? Check out this guide for all the fixes.

Many players are facing issues when trying to use the controller of their Oculus GO. You might be having trouble with getting it to connect or it might straight up not work. But don’t worry as you can fix this issue. So in this guide let us take a look at how to fix Oculus GO controller not working.

How to Fix Oculus GO Controller Not Working Issue

oculus go controller not working fix

  • Replace the batteries: A good chance is your battery might have served its purpose and it is time to replace it. Open the Battery slot, wipe the area for any dirt, and replace the old battery with a fresh one. Once changed try using it again.
  • Check if it is paired: A very silly mistake that almost anyone can make is trying to use it without pairing. Check your Bluetooth and device and make sure to pair it. If it was already paired, then go to your settings and unpair it under the Bluetooth section. Once unpaired try pairing and using them again.
  • Unpair Gamepad: If you use gamepads on your device then be sure to unpair them first before pairing the Oculus Go controller.
  • Reset Orientation: Press and hold the home button while pointing your controller forward to center align it.
  • Restart your phone: This is a very basic fix and can help you if your controller lags or isn’t working properly. Simply long-press the power button and choose to restart your device.
  • Check if your Controller works: If you try all of the above fixes, but nothing works, then the controller might be broken. It might be a hardware problem when you use a new battery but don’t see any light on your controller. You can report this issue on the Oculus official support page by submitting a support ticket.

If you try the above fixes you should get your Oculus GO controller to work again.

That covers all the fixes for Oculus GO controller not working. For more guides and everything gaming be sure to check out Gamer Tweak.