Obsbot Tiny 4k PTZ And AI-Powered Webcam Review

Wondering if the new Obsbot Tiny 4k will live up to your expectations? Check out our review on the AI-Powered PTZ Obsbot Tiny 4k Webcam.

With the emergence of live streaming on countless platforms, buying a perfect webcam has become an obvious choice. What we have right now is the Obsbot Tiny 4k Webcam by Remo Tech which specializes in AI web cameras. This little monster features PTZ which means you can pan, tilt as well as zoom its lens. Remember when webcams covered your entire screen with grain and blurriness? There’s no scope of any of these happening with Obsbot Tiny over here. Also, it has 4k quality which runs smoothly on 30 FPS. And, 1080p that runs on 60 FPS. But does it pass the final verdict? Read our review till the end to find out.

Obsbot Tiny 4k PTZ and AI-Powered Webcam Review

As we unbox the Obsbot Tiny 4k, we will find several accessories included with it. You get a Magnetic mount to use on your screens. There is a power plug and a USB Type C to Type C cable to connect. They have also included an adapter in case you don’t have a Type C port. It supports all the tripods and does not have prioritized apps or software to connect. Tiny 4k activates as soon as you plug it onto your device. It took less than a minute for me to complete the initialization and that’s something I appreciate about this product. The process was hassle-free.

Best Features of Obsbot Tiny 4k Webcam

tiny 4k webcam review

Here are a few things that this Obsbot Tiny 4k webcam offers which I am pretty impressed with.

Gesture Control

All you have to do is wave at the webcam for it to detect it. It will take a couple of seconds to prompt the blue color. This will activate the Gesture control allowing users to use their index finger and thumb for zooming controls. You can use it to zoom in or zoom out the lens. Amazing, right? I loved how ease-of-use for the user has been given top priority via simple Gesture Control features.

Auto Tracking

While the Gesture Controls work pretty well, its Auto tracking feature works more flawlessly. What basically happens is that the webcam auto tracks all of your movements in a 4k resolution. Imagine how cool it is for your webcam to track and tilt its position each time you use it. In addition to that, this webcam can also Auto focuses on the Face Focus feature. This feature tweaks with the exposure and bokeh to never let you out of sight.

Privacy Mode

In today’s day and age, having online privacy (as much as possible) is a must. This webcam helps you with that! To turn off the webcam, all you need to do is just face the lens downwards. It cuts off the audio and video at the same time you face it down. Since we never know when a hacker is lurking around, this is a pretty quick and frankly, cool way to shut down your webcam.

Motion Mode

When I said this webcam doesn’t let you go out of sight, this feature proves it. Motion mode is a customized feature that tracks all the movements in 4k or 1080p smoothly. Not just movements, even while you dance, take a lecture, or play indoors. Now that the world has mostly moved to a work-from-home culture, Motion Mode is almost like a godsend for trainers, teachers, and performers.

Obsbot Software

I wasn’t expecting much from the software other than using it to update firmware but it blew my mind. Using the Obsbot tiny software, you can control the gimbal and lens of the webcam entirely. You can slide the zoom option from x1 to x4 using this software. Certain global hotkeys allow you to control the webcam using shortcuts. You can also add three preset positions for the webcam.

Image Quality

It is power-packed with a 1/2.8 inch Sony sensor. The image quality is understandably beautiful with the aid of Sony’s sensors. One thing I loved about its image quality is how it manages to be vibrant and natural at the same time. It also does handle low light pretty well. While the HDR mode gives you a suitable exposure, the standard mode powered by Sony sensors worked better for me.

obsbot tiny 4k webcam review

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Final Verdict

As you all might have guessed by now, I am impressed by this piece of tech. While its gesture controls are a bit limited, you can expect several updates in the future. I neither had any troubles connecting it nor using it. As the webcam also offers noise cancellation, it can help a lot of live streamers. Obsbot Tiny 4k web camera offers crystal-clear image quality and it can work wonders for people that go through frequent online video meetings and presentations. As it can track all of the movements, this webcam can work for dancers and teachers streaming their lectures too. If you are serious about live streaming with excellent quality, this webcam is a fair deal.

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Obsbot Tiny 4k Webcam Review

Although it could improve upon its HDR mode, the other features work pretty well making this a good webcam overall.

  • Design 8
  • Video Quality 9
  • Sound Quality 8.5
  • Features 9
  • Low-Light 9