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5Elements Nuke Plus Earbuds Review

In this article, you can read a review of 5Elements Nuke Plus Earbuds, and their Pros & Cons, and conclude whether it is a fit for music lovers or not.

Earbuds in Modern Day to Day life have become increasingly popular. For its small size & Wireless connectivity, it is the best companion to have around to play Music, Videos, Games, etc. Many Companies have jumped on the Earbuds train, especially TWS Earbuds (True Wireless Stereo Earbuds). One such company that manufactures TWS Earbuds is 5Elements. As of the time of this article, they have released the new Nuke Plus Earbuds. In this article, I will review the 5Elements Nuke Plus Earbuds on their Pros & Cons and conclude whether it is fit for the users.

Nuke Plus TWS Earbuds Review

Nuke Plus Earbuds, or 5E NUKE+, is the latest release from 5Elements. It is a compact & lightweight TWS Earbud. Design-wise, it is pretty amazing and takes little space in your pocket. It has decent sound quality & has a ton of features.

Features of Nuke Plus Earbud

The features of Nuke Plus Earbuds are as follows:

  • 20 Hours of Total Play Time.
  • 5 Hours of Music Play Time.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • 30 mAh Earbud Battery Capacity.
  • 250 mAh of Case Battery Capacity.
  • Has ENC, i.e. Environmental Noise Cancellation.
  • BT5.3 Bluetooth Version.
  • Type C Charging Port.
  • Has a Game Mode of Max 50MS latency.
  • Driver Size is 13mm.
  • Also supports both Google Assistant & Siri.
  • Nuke Plus Earbud Case Dimensions: 42mmx52mm.
  • Nuke Plus Earbuds Dimensions: 27mmx19.3mm.

These are all of the Features the Nuke Plus Earbud sports in its Compact form. Other features that the Earbuds have mentioned on their Website are:

  • Pop-Up Connection for I-Phone
  • Efficient and Fast touch control
  • IP4 Sweat/Splash Proof
  • Powerful Sound with Deep Bass
  • Inductive Magnetic Self Charging

These are pretty good features for TWS Earbuds. And to an extent, the Earbuds deliver the quality they should but not to the full extent.

Pros & Cons of the Earbuds

The Nuke Plus Earbuds are compact and do have decent sound quality but the sound is good in certain conditions. The small size is nice but at times it creates problems in handling it when already connected to a device like a Phone. I found the Touch Controls are a bit unorganized. They can be more improvements done in this area. For example, making it more responsive offers users the freedom to switch songs faster. The Earbuds sports ENC where a built-in Chip cancels out unwanted sound. I have mixed reactions to this feature. The same works well when you are in a closed environment, for example listening to music inside a car or office. But when you are outside, with too much traffic noise, loud music, etc the noise-cancellation feature is unable to offer optimum output.

The Game Mode is pretty nice as there was little to no delay. Honestly, that is the best feature of the Earbuds. The Battery life is also perfect as you can get up to 8, maybe 9, charges from the Case. Nuke Plus TWS Earbuds Mic also requires some improvements. As usual in a close environment, my voice reaches clearly the other person. But in a loud environment, the struggle is obvious. For connectivity, things go well with android devices, but on iPhones, I have not seen instant connectivity.

For most audio sources like YouTube videos, Music, etc. I had to play at a very high Volume level. This could have been a problem with the audio of the source but this trend was pretty consistent. Since the Nuke Plus Earbuds are not in-ear, they started to hurt after a while. If this doesn’t fit correctly for you then it will be hard to use them. If you are used to non-in-ears, you should have a decent time with them.