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Nemesis Is The New Playable Character In Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evils most formidable enemy is now your playable character

It might come off as a surprise, but Resident Evil Resistance now allows you to play as the age-old, Nemesis. This comes off after the latest update to the asymmetrical online multiplayer of Resident Evil 3. Nemesis was the main antagonist of the 1999’s classical horror video game – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

He can be summoned in the game by the U.B.C.S commando and mastermind, Nicholai Ginovaef. This news was divulged by the director of the Resident Evil series – Kiyohiko Sakata, in a recent interview with Capcom. He also let out a ton of other details surrounding the update as well as on the onset of Nemesis in the game. The Nemesis project took off as an attempt to artificially fabricate the Plagas parasite from resident Evil 4.



While Jill Valentine, Nicholai Ginovaef, and Nemesis are also a part of the storyline in RE3, RE: Resistance is an unofficial game based on multiple theories and possibilities. Resistance can be regarded as the multiplayer extension to RE 3, where a team of four survivors is pitted against a horrifying mastermind.

Who is Nemesis in Resident Evil?


Also known as the Chaser or the Pursuer, Nemesis is a Tyrant possessing a deftly armored body and massive intelligence. The Paris Labs of the Umbrella Corporation artificially built him mutating a NE-α parasite into the body of a biological super-soldier, Tyrant. His body was disfigured by the secretions from the mutagen but gifted him with regenerative abilities. This makes Nemesis an extremely powerful opponent.

Nemesis is undoubtedly Ginovaef’s unsurpassed summoning in the series. But that’s not where his abilities halt, he is a killing machine himself. Tactical arm-mounted firearms and tracking skills of a wolf make him a lethal enemy in their own rights. The addition of Nemesis as a playable character, after being portrayed as the mega-villain for more than 2 decades is causing an uproar in the gaming community already.