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How To Fix The ‘Not Init’ Error In Genshin Impact?

If you have been looking for a fix for the 'Not Init' error that pops up whenever you log into Genshin Impact, we've got just the article for you!

Players of Genshin Impact have come across a ‘Not Init’ error while trying to log into the game. While some errors in games can be difficult and tricky to fix, this particular error is quite easy to get rid of. In this article, we will show you how you can do so.

How to Fix ‘Not Init’ Error in Genshin Impact?

not init genshin impact

The fix for the ‘Not Init’ error in Genshin Impact is quite simple. Since this error occurs as you try to log into the game, all you need to do is close the game and re-open it. Doing so will solve the error. It really is that simple! If you play Genshin Impact on a console, you can also try to switch the console off and then switch it back on.

If you have come across this issue while playing Genshin Impact, it is probably because the game needs to update itself with new information. This information gets updated through downloads. These downloads are quite minor and they take place each time you open the game. You will only find the ‘Not Init’ error when these downloads fail or get interrupted.
By restarting the game, you will be able to let these downloads take place without any issues or interruptions.

You need to remember that this error does not indicate the availability of a full new update for the game. It is just a way of letting you know that an information download has failed. This makes it a very minor and easily fixable issue.

This is how you can solve the ‘Not Init’ error in Genshin Impact. As you have read from this article, this is a really simple issue to fix. Unlike other errors in most games, you will not have to wait in frustration for developers to come up with a patch. The maximum effort you will have to undertake is restarting your console.

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