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Pokemon Scarlet Violet Normal Gym Test Solution (Secret Menu Item)

Here is how you can solve the Normal Gym Test in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

In order to defeat Larry in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you first need to solve the Normal gym Test. In this test, you need to find the secret menu item in Treasure Eatery. And while the answer is quite simple, you need to defeat many trainers for it. So in this guide check out the solution for the Normal Gym test in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and the secret menu item answers.


How to Solve Normal Gym Test in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

how to solve the normal gym test in pokemon scarlet and violet

To solve the Gym Test you need to find the secret item on the menu and order the right dish at the Treasure Eatery. There are three ways you can do that. The first method is by solving the clues, second is to directly use the answers we give below. And the third method which we won’t recommend is to try and order things until you get the right item. Here is how you can find the 4 clues needed for the secret menu item:

  1. The first 3 clues need you to do 3 trainer battles:
    • First Trainer: Adara. You can find her opposite the gym. Defeat her and she will tell you to look for an odd item at an ice cream stand. The odd item will be Grilled Rice Balls.
    • Second Trainer: Santiago. Go to the southern part of the town and you can find a trainer named Santiago outside Artisan Bakery. Defeat him and he will tell you to listen closely to a blue bird Pokemon. This Pokemon is Squawkabilly and you can find it sitting on some NPC’s head. It will shout “Meedyum!”.
    • Third Trainer: Gisela. You can find her beside the gated stairs near the Pokemon Center. Gisela will tell you to search for a dark spot near the Stairs. The spot will say “Fire Blast”.
  2. For the fourth and final clue, you need to talk to the office worker at the back and they will tell you the seasoning which is Lemon.

Combining the four clues you will get the answer that the Secret Menu Item is a Medium serving of Grilled rice balls, cooked Extra crispy in Fire Blast style garnished with Lemon.


Secret Menu Item Answers for the Normal Gym Test

If you skip collecting the clues then here are the answers for your order:

  • What will you be ordering?
    • Grilled rice balls
  • What size serving will you be having?
    • Medium serving
  • How do you want that cooked?
    • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  • Anything to garnish your order?
    • Lemon

That covers this guide on the solution for the Normal Gym test in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and answers for the Secret Menu Item. For more help on this game be sure to check out our Pokemon SV guides.