How to Unlock True or Real Ending in No More Heroes?

If you think the game is over after defeating Dark Star and then you are wrong! There is a hidden true ending.

No More Heroes seems to be ending after defeating Dark Star. The game credits run down on the screen as your job is done. But no, there is a hidden ending in No More Heroes. It can be called No More Heroes True Ending and in this guide, I am going to help you with how to unlock it. To reach No More Heroes True Ending you will have to follow certain steps and for that, you will need some cash. If your pockets are empty or low on cash then exploring the world for side quest will help.

How to get True Ending in No More Heroes?

To unlock No More Heroes True Endings you will need to finish the game with Tsubaki Beam Katana. You can buy this from Naomi’s Laboratory in the game. There are three different models of Tsubaki Beam Katana in No More Heroes. It is a costly upgrade and you will need a lot of cash to unlock one. Using this katana till the end of the game unlocks the true ending of the game.

Tsubaki Beam Katana

If you are not having enough cash the explore the city and focus on playing side quest. Side quests as well as main missions will reward you with some money. You can use this later to buy the Katana. The first goal must be getting the weapon.

Assume you have done all stuff to finally buy Tsubaki Beam Katana in No More Heroes. Now what? To unlock the real ending return to Santa Destroy and get all the models of Katana. Then locate the bathroom in Travis’ apartment. After completing the game you will see an option for View Real Ending.

Selecting this option will throw you in a new scenario and a hidden boss is waiting. Do not worry you won’t get any spoilers here. It’s best you explore on your own, beat down the secret boss in No More Heroes, and unlock the True Ending.

The process is tricky and time-consuming, as the Katana does not unlock in missions or in a side quest. You have to collect enough cash and buy it from Naomi’s Laboratory. Then finish the game to unlock some amazing new content in No More Heroes. And for more such tips and tricks, check out our video game guides on Gamer Tweak.