How to Make Money in No Man’s Sky at the Beginning

No Man’s Sky Money Guide

To improve equipment and purchase new ships in No Man’s Sky, you will constantly have to spend huge amounts of money, which is called units. In this guide, you will learn several ways to quickly get units in No Man’s Sky.

Short Quests

We start this No Man’s Sky guide with the most obvious option. The easiest and fastest way to make a profit is to complete short tasks for which they give a good reward. You can spend only a couple of minutes to complete such a mission, and get an item worth more than 4 million units. With this money, you can buy a new ship or improve equipment.

To complete these tasks, you will need a cargo ship. But first, you need to save some money to buy such a ship. Or you can find it for free if you get lucky.

After you get the right ship, you need to go to the Galactic Commission Station. Here you can get various tasks, for the implementation of which various objects or units are given. There is a chance to get the right item and sell it for a huge amount of money. The missions are quite simple: for example, you will need to kill pirates or make a raid.


The next No Man’s Sky money tip is to simply resale stuff. You can buy things or resources at some space stations at a low price, and then resell them more expensive elsewhere. However, you need to acquire start-up capital for such a business. Also, this can be boring to fly continuously between space stations, so think in advance.

You Can Earn a Lot If You Are Lucky

If you are lucky enough to find planets where flytrap plants or vortex cubes exist, then you can earn a lot. It is difficult to find such a planet, and you can get money for the sale of materials found on it.

Now you know how to Make units in No Man’s Sky. These were the simplest recommendation to earn money in No Man’s Sky. With their help, you will be able to get good equipment fast.