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No Man’s Sky Dev Is Working on ‘Huge, Ambitious’ New Game

As announced by the indie developers at Hello Games, the studio has started work on a major new game behind the scenes. It also states that the developers have learned from past mistakes, especially making a comparison to their previous game No Man’s Sky.

In the past few weeks, the independent developer studio Hello Games has not only worked on updates and new content for the space adventure No Man’s Sky, in addition, the developers also published a small project called The Last Campfire.

As Sean Murray, one of the co-founders and at the same time the face of Hello Games, confirmed in an interview with the website Polygon, work on the British studio’s next big project also began behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, Murray was unable to elicit specific details about the next title of Hello Games. Instead, there was the only talk of the studio having learned lessons from the initial debacle of No Man’s Sky and not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the past. At the same time, it was promised that part of the internal workforce would continue to work on new content for No Man’s Sky.

“Hello Games is now 26 people. Just three of them made up the team behind The Last Campfire. The rest of the team is split. One chunk of the remaining 23 is continuing to support No Man’s Sky with updates. The other chunk is working on Hello Games’ next “big” project,” the Polygon report said.

If there are any further details about the next game of Hello Games, we will of course bring you up to date information about it immediately.

No Man’s Sky is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.