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Will No Building Stay In Fortnite Permanently? (2022)

Is there a possibility of Fortnite adding the no-building mode for good?

Many older players are now returning to Fortnite after they have introduced the no-building mode for a limited time. While a lot of fans of the feature are annoyed, they can rest assured because the game is going to come back. But will there be a permanent mode where there’s no building in Fortnite?

Will Fortnite No Building Mode Be Permanent? (2022)


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If you’re a player of the classic Fortnite, you know that there were no building mechanics during that time, which means the sole focus in this Battle Royale was shooting and survival. With building added to the mix, players could create structures that will let you navigate the map better and also protect themselves.

Now, players can expect to play with building removed in Fortnite for a week in March 2022. But can this be a permanent mode? Many streamers and gaming YouTubers are supporting this idea.




As you can see, the number of likes and retweets these have garnered shows how players are in favor of this concept. With big names in favor of having a permanent mode of no building, chances are Fortnite might actual consider it. It will be perfect for players old and new – based on your playstyle, you can simply choose which mode you want to go ahead with. It will massively help the already high player count that Fortnite has and with lots of famous streamers getting back into the game, it will bring in waves of new players willing to try it out.

So, to answer the question of “Can Fortnite No Building Mode Be Permanent?” – there are high chances. Epic listens to feedback from the player community and made it happen through this limited-time event. Now that it has received a great feedback from most of the players, let’s wait until Epic announces the arrival of a brand new game mode that may be here to stay.

UPDATE: Fortnite Zero Build is the permanent new mode with no building involved!