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Nioh 2 Best Weapons Tier List – All Weapons Ranked

Not sure which weapon to go ahead with? Check out this tier list of the Best Weapons in Nioh 2.

In this Action-RPG game set in Japan during the Sengoku Era, you have to eliminate the hordes of Yokai and you get 9 weapons to do that. While having a limited number of options in weapons, it makes selecting them a bit easy, it is still ideal if you know about them. So let us take a look at the best weapons tier list for Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 Best Weapons Tier List

best weapons tier list for nioh 2

Before we get into the list it is important to know that these are just my recommendations of the best weapons. Since each weapon plays differently, you might find some more useful than the others. And as such you might think it is placed in the wrong tier. So without further ado let us take a look at this tier list of the best weapons that Nioh 2 has to offer.

S-Tier – Best Weapon in Nioh 2

  • Switchglaive: This is on S-tier because of two reasons. The first is its high damage output, and the second reason is you deal that damage with a decent range. And to make things better you can use Onmyo magic with it.


  • Tonfas: Tonfas are good because of their high damage and high attack speed. The only thing bad about it is its short range. So when using this weapon be sure to take one fight at a time.
  • Odachi: This is a weapon for beginners as you can use it like an axe. But unlike an axe Odachi gets better range and better damage.


  • Dual Sword: What is better than one sword? Two Swords. The dual weapon has a very high attack speed, but not so high damage output. You can also use it to guard thanks to its Block stat. Try playing around with it and once you get your hands set on it, this weapon can be very useful.
  • Kusarigama: Kusarigama is a weapon that has a very good range. The reason it is in B-Tier is that it isn’t easy to handle and requires you to practice a lot.


  • Sword: Probably the best weapon for beginners, it has the right amount of damage with the right range.
  • Hatchets: This weapon has low damage output but compensates for it with its high attack speed. And you can also use this weapon to deplete an enemy’s ki.


  • Spear: The reason spear is slightly better than the axe is because of its range. Although you might get the range its attack isn’t really very high.
  • Axe: This weapon is last on this list because of its attack speed. Not only is it very slow but it also has a short-range. Hence this weapon won’t suit everyone.

That sums up this guide on Nioh 2 best weapons Tier List. If you enjoyed this list then you should also check out our other Tier Lists.