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Nioh 2 Celebrates Success With Photo Mode, 9 New Missions (Update 1.09)

The update is live!

Fans of Nioh 2 have some great news! The game has seen massive success ever since its release on March 12, 2020. It has now sold more than 1 million units worldwide, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have announced. This calls for celebration and that’s exactly what the developer and publisher are giving us. In Nioh 2’s 1.09 update, which is live right now (May 15), players will get some new features and additional content.

What’s New in Nioh 2 Update 1.09?


This major update will add the much-desired Photo Mode feature, with camera settings such as image exposure, light adjustment, tint changes and of course, filters. You can adjust the angle of the camera while time stops for you to take your photo. The Photo Mode will work even during multiplayer but of course, time won’t stop there.

A new guardian spirit named Kage has been added. You can acquire it by completing a certain delivery mission. Some more adjustments and bug fixes have been done in this update.

Not only this, there will also be nine new missions for players in patch 1.09. The developers have added this update in hopes of providing the best possible gaming experience for players. They have listened to feedback and acted on them, much to the delight of fans. This update will be of 401 MB.


Another exciting announcement is that a total of three DLC packs will be released in the next few months which will keep players engaged and challenged. These DLCs are expected to have new stories, skills, armor, bosses, Guardian spirits and yokai. A new weapon is also being teased which is going to make a big difference in the game.

That’s not all, new post-game content and brand new difficulty levels will be given too. Fans can get excited because the first DLC pack, named “The Tengu’s Disciple” will be launched on July 30. You will need Nioh 2 to play this DLC.

Plus, to generate hype about the upcoming DLC, new wallpapers about the upcoming content have been made public. So, go ahead and grab them right away.


More details about the first DLC chapters are awaited. What’s next in the story of Nioh 2? Let’s wait and watch. Nioh 2 is available right now on PS4.

Source: PlayStation Blog