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Nioh 2 Best Best Starting Weapon and Builds – Explained

Want the best weapons here is a guide for you

Which is the best weapon to start in Nioh 2? Looking for a solution then here is a guide to help you out. Nioh 2 features a variety of weapons, but which is the best among them is a serious debate. As you know Nioh 2 features a game where a warrior in on a journey to hunt down supernatural creatures, this includes monsters, dead kings, Sumos. etc. So picking the right weapon from the start along with a guardian spirit will give you little advantage. Later you level up and upgrade your weapons, armors to become stronger. So let’s begin with the guide.


Nioh 2 Best Starting Weapons

Depending on the weapons stats you pick from weakest to strongest. Weapons can be upgraded to boost stats that can deliver higher damage. A lot of things rely on the stats, and you use your points to upgrade the same. For example, you can invest in Hearts and Courage, this will increase the Ki Recovery speed.

You will be using Melee weapons a lot, like Katana, or Dual Sword. Melee weapons are ideal for close-range combat and it also gives you the option to block an incoming attack. During the start, it is best to focus on best melee weapons, and later you will unlock stronger ones, as you progress and defeat bosses. So here is a list of all melee weapons that are best starting weapon in Nioh 2.

Every weapon features unique motion, range, damage, and speed, there are more stats in the list but these are the primary ones. Guardian Spirit is your support in the game, you can summon the spirit and use some special powers to increase damage on the enemy. Here is the list of best weapons to start with you can pick anyone depending on your playstyle or switch to another weapon.

  • Axe – Stamina +1
  • Spear – Body +1
  • Katana – Heart +1
  • Dual Swords – Skill +1
  • Kusarigama – Dexterity +1
  • Switchglaive – Magic +1
  • Odachi – Strength +1
  • Tonfas – Courage +1
  • Dual Hatchets – Skill +1

Katana or the Sword is the best one to start with if you are too confused about the stats and other mechanics. It is a cool all-around weapon that brings some range, swift movement, and cool upgrades as you progress. You can boost the weapon stats by adding your points to Heart and Skill. It is an ideal weapon to begin, but as you proceed there are stronger ones. Like The Axe, it is best when it comes to damage.

The problem with Axe is speed, it will slow down your movement and even attacks are a little slow. While using Axe you will have to focus on blocking and dodging also. Axe uses a lot of stamina, but if you use a Heavy Armor with the weapon you can get a health boost.


The next best weapon is Spear, ideal for range and it is best if you need space. Spear can cause good damage but using this weapon in tight spaces is a little tough. You can keep Spear and Katana both and use them depending on the battle type. With these there is the Kusarigama that can help you to draw some really powerful attacks, the Switchglaive is best for blocking and damage both while Odachi is a heavy sword. This weapon is best for combos, and damage.

Every weapon features Bonus stats when you pick one you will also earn this bonus stats. You cannot reallocate the bonus stats. A basic way to find the best weapon is learning about the Body and Heart stats. These two are common in every weapon and Body increases HP and Heart will increase the Ki capacity. So here Sword and Spear falls in the category of best starting weapon Nioh 2.


In case you are confused which is the best guardian spirit to choose during the stats then here is an answer. Depending on the stats you will earn Ame-no-Mitori is good to being because it gives you Hearts +1.

With an proper combination of Weapons and Spirit you can start good in Nioh 2, anyhow as you progress and deal with more bosses upgrades are inevitable.