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How To Get YouTube On Nintendo Switch (2023)

Here's all about how to get YouTube on Nintendo Switch.

With over 107 million units sold, Nintendo Switch became the first and only first true hybrid console to achieve such a massive feat. With the capabilities of both portable devices and home consoles (docked), having YouTube on Switch has become important. Be it to sovle a game level you are stuck at, or just for entertainment purposes to take a break, YouTube is the most accessible and easiest place to go to. But many users don’t have this on their devices. So today we will look at how to get YouTube on Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Switch: How to Get & Watch Youtube

How To Get YouTube On Nintendo Switch Lite
Image Credits: Nintendo

Here’s how to easily get YouTube on Nintendo Switch:

  • You can easily download YouTube (Switch) via PC or Mobile
  • Click on this YouTube (Switch) link
  • Click on the “Free Download” button
  • Sign in with your ‘Nintendo Account’
  • Your YouTube download will begin automatically
  • Or you can skip this and download just using the Switch console
  • Go to Switch home screen
  • Click on the “Nintendo eShop” button
  • Choose your account to log in
  • From the left side tab, click on “Search”
  • Type the “YouTube” keyword in the search bar
  • The app will now show up
  • Click on “free download” & confirm
  • The app will now download
  • Now open the app, & sign in to enjoy

Once your app is downloaded, open it. To start using it, sign in with your preferred Google Account. Use your D-pad & left joystick to navigate in the app. You can press the ‘A’ button to play videos, and the ‘B’ button to exit or go back to the home screen. You have the options to search for videos, add to playlists, and do everything else you can do with the YouTube app on Android & iOS devices.

That’s all about how to get YouTube on Nintendo Switch. While you are make sure to check out our Nintendo Switch Game Guides we have covered all famous games out there.