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Nintendo Updates Its Switch Model With Better Battery Life

Nintendo has announced a new version of the Switch console which will boast of better battery life than the current version, looking at how the Switch Lite was creeping closer in terms of battery life to the this had to be beefed up a bit.

The model number for the new version is HAC-001(-01) and will soon be in production, the estimated battery life of this newer version of Nintendo Switch is somewhere between 4.5 to 9 hours on a single charge.


nintendo switch updated

It completely depends on how you use the switch to get the maximum output of your device but having a better battery life will certainly improve your gaming experience.

Nintendo even went out to claim that Zelda: Breath of the Wild will last up to 5.5 hours which is amazing seeing as how much detailed the game is and how much power is consumed, 5.5 hours is an impressive feat.


The original Switch in comparison has the worst battery life, which now Nintendo has been working hard to improve and the updated Switch model will have the best of all versions of the Switch.

It is expected that the newer Switch model will be on sale in the month of August, which isn’t that far away so if you are planning to buy a Nintendo Switch then maybe waiting a couple of months might prove to be useful.