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Nintendo Switch Update 10.2.0 Available Now

During these recent hours, Nintendo released a new firmware update for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, which bring the two consoles to version 10.2.0. But what has changed since the last patch, released in July? Let’s see it together.

Like the other minor updates released after the launch of version 10.0.4, which took place several months ago, this update does not include new content, options, avatars, or features, but only fixes unspecified bugs and at the same time improves the general stability of the Nintendo Switch system.


Ver. 10.2.0 (Released September 14, 2020)

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

If you were expecting a major Nintendo Switch update, then know that the time has not yet come, and that it may take some time before you have it in your hands. This update, despite being a minor one, is mandatory to install, otherwise, it will no longer be possible to play online or access Nintendo eShop as usual.


The Nintendo Switch update should also download once the console is connected to the internet, or you can also update it manually from the system settings.

Follow the below instructions for manual installation, via Nintendo:

  1. Ensure the Nintendo Switch console is connected to the Internet.
  2. From the HOME Menu, select the icon for the software you wish to update without starting the game or application.
  3. Press the + or – Button on your controller, then select Software Update followed by Via the Internet.