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Nintendo Switch System Update 12.0.0 Available for Download Now, Fixes Save Game Bug

During the last night, Nintendo officially released the new system update 12.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch. The update in question is very relevant, as is also confirmed by the firmware numbering change, which passes from 11 to 12, and changes various elements of the system software.

Nintendo Switch System Update 12.0.0 Download


Apart from some minor changes, the most relevant aspect of this update is the correction of a bug in the backup of the save games that prevented them from being uploaded correctly online. With this new firmware, the problem should not reoccur.

Among the other updates, however, stand out a new programming of the OS and a few other minor fixes. We remind you that the update is already available for download on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. If you’ve recently encountered problems with your Cloud saves, firmware 12.0.0 should have solved any glitches on your Nintendo Switch.

This should never happen again with this update, but the Big N recommends making sure you haven’t had this problem in the past. To check, go to HOME> System Settings> Data Management> Save Data Cloud and check that an error message does not appear. This way, you should be sure that you are safe from any potential problems with your save game files.


This new update, therefore, seems to have nothing to do with the much rumored arrival of the Nintendo Switch Pro. According to these new rumors, Nintendo Switch Pro should come out at the end of 2021, confirming the previous rumors always proposed by the Bloomberg editorial team.

We also return to talk about the screen of the new portable console, which according to these rumors will be an OLED with a resolution of 720p. We just have to wait for official confirmation.