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Nintendo Switch Sports Unlockables List

Here's our guide on all the unlockables in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports is the most recent simulation sports game that revolves around a fictional sports facility, Spocco Square. These sports include Tennis, Bowling, Badminton, Soccer, Volleyball, and Chambara. For those confused about Chambara, it is a Japanese Samurai Swordplay making its mark along with these sports. As you proceed through the game, there’s a wide range of collectibles and different types of equipment you can unlock as well. So, here’s our guide on all the unlockables in Nintendo Switch Sports.

All Unlockables in Nintendo Switch Sports


You can unlock a wide range of items, collectibles, and cosmetics through earning points. But all of these points have to be earned in the “Play Globally” mode. This will allow you to play with all the players around the globe. Let’s begin with all of the things you can unlock:

nintendo switch sports unlockables

Clothing And Accessories


While you will be given an official attire, you can unlock a plethora of outfits and accessories. As you earn points from Global matches, you can redeem these from the collections.

nintendo switch sports unlockables

Body Customization


You can change the appearance of your Sportsmate with the help of many customization options. These options include the color of eyes, hairstyles, details, face, and even body type. All of these customizations have no effect while playing a sport. But with these customizations, you can create a unique character.clothing unlockables nintendo switch sports


Although you will receive the required gear to play a sport, you can unlock different types of equipment as you progress. These items are purely cosmetic and don’t have much effect on your gameplay. But wouldn’t you like to flex upon your competitors?



These are a type of collectibles you get for playing online globally. You can use these stamps to interact with several players online. While you start with four stamps, you can unlock more of them in collections.


Accolades and Achievements are a part of every game. As you complete several games, you unlock these different titles as well. While some of these titles are unlocked by default, you might need to complete a mini-game or rank up in the Online Pro League.

Online Pro League

Speaking of Online Pro Leagues, these are the big leagues in the game that allows players to play ranked matches. As all the sports have Online Pro League, you can unlock them by completing and winning matches.

Multi-Sports Queue

As there are several sports to unlock, with this feature you can queue over 3 sports to find global matches faster. To unlock this gameplay feature, you can play at least three games globally.

That’s everything to know about all the unlockables in Nintendo Switch Sports. If you liked this guide, check out our other Video Gaming guides right here on Gamer Tweak.