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Nintendo Switch Sports Activities Ranked From Worst To Best

Check out our list of all the activities of Nintendo Switch Sports activities ranked from worst to best.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a successor to Wii Sports and features 3 unique sports. With more the sports like Golf lined up with upcoming updates, it is an absolute treat for Nintendo players. These sports can be enjoyed solo or with family and friends. While all the sports activities are extremely fun, their gameplay and mechanics differ apparently. We have compiled and ranked all these activities together. So, here’s our list of all the Nintendo Switch Sports activities ranked.


All Nintendo Switch Sports Ranked From Worst to Best

Mentioned below are all the sports activities ranked from worst to best:



I enjoyed executing drop shots and the smashes to confuse opponents. What felt lacking to me was that players cannot play any other mode than 1v1. After a while, it gets slightly repetitive. But if you are a Badminton fanatic or player, you might enjoy this sports activity.


It is a fun game that revolves around three core elements, Slash, Guard, and Counter. While it sounds exciting, the pacing of the combat feels a bit slow.



You can play double as well as go solo. Try out different shots with topspins, backspin, and lobs. With different shots, you can execute creative swings as well.



With a giant soccer ball, players can destroy their opponents with kicks and headers. You can challenge your friends to play with a 4v4 or go for 1v1. Players can also use the leg strap to execute shootouts.


As bowling is a classic sports activity from Wii Sports, they have done a pretty good job at revamping its gameplay. You can aim and control the ball to curve to knock out all the pins. For a pinch of difficulty, they have added obstacles through the lanes.


This is the most intriguing activity out of all of them. There’s a wide range of things you can do in Volleyball. Its controls and mechanics are pretty neat. Players can supercharge their strikes to smash their opponents.

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