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How To Unlock Pro League In Nintendo Switch Sports

Here's our guide on how to unlock the Pro League in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Pro League is the big league of Nintendo Switch Sports that involve several skilled players in an arena. As their name suggests, these leagues are playable when you are fully professional in a certain sport. These leagues are much harder than the normal modes. But you need to unlock them before you face skilled players. So, here’s our guide on how to unlock Pro League in Nintendo Switch Sports.

How to Unlock Pro League in Nintendo Switch Sports?


You need to keep on grinding one of the six available sports, to unlock the Pro League. Play at least 10 Online Global matches to unlock them. While the number of wins in these different sports may differ, keep on progressing in these sports. As there is no way to track your progress in unlocking the Pro Leagues, try to perform consistently well. Unlike Wii Sports which included a Training mode, there’s no room for practice in Nintendo Switch Sports. So, keep on nailing the Online Global matches. All you need to do is earn a good deal of points out of any sport.

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Once you have performed well and grinded long enough in a sport, you will be prompted with a message that you have unlocked Pro League. Now, raise your ranks to the top-tier in that sport. You will encounter players of similar rank competing against you. Your ranks will increase as you keep on winning. As you begin, you will start at an E rank and there are 12 ranks in total. You can take a break by pausing a league. It doesn’t affect your rankings and you can focus on other sports as well. This makes the so-called Big Leagues more challenging and fun to grind.


To unlock the Pro League for more sports, it is the same for any sport. Grind on a sport and play at least 10 matches until you are notified that you have unlocked the Pro League. You can check your ranks or pause a League for a sport under Pro League settings.

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