Nintendo Switch Pro To Release in 2022, Chinese Switch Accessories Manufacturer Suggests

In the last few weeks, rumors have been growing that Nintendo is indeed working on a new model of the Switch Pro. As another source confirmed, the release of the console will not take place until 2022.

Nintendo Switch Pro to release in 2022?

While Nintendo remains silent on this topic, the so-called Switch Pro model has now been confirmed by another source: an accessory manufacturer from China.

The same source would also have found out that we obviously have to be patient a little longer than previously assumed. The last rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro still spoke of a Japan and US release in 2021, while it should be the turn of Europe in 2022.

As reported by the YouTube channel SwitchUp, citing an accessory manufacturer from China that has been declared a reliable source and is working on accessories for the new system, the Nintendo Switch Pro is now planned for a global launch in 2022. Or to put it another way: North America and Japan or Asia will also have to wait until the coming year.

Of course, as suggested by the current rumors, which, among other things, spoke of a seven-inch OLED display and other innovations, correspond to the facts. Nintendo itself recently pointed out that the company is always working on new hardware and new gaming experiences, but those responsible did not want to confirm the development of a Switch Pro.

If the rumors about the launch next year become true, the official announcement of the new console could be a while in coming anyway.