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Nintendo Switch 4K-Capable Model Planned for 2021 Release

These days the rumors about a possible 4K model of the Nintendo Switch are booming again. As Bloomberg reports, the more powerful version of the system will be released in the coming year.

Rumors reached us last year that there were two new versions of the Nintendo Switch. The rumors about the handheld-only version in the form of the Switch Lite have been proven to be true.


In addition, a more powerful version of the Switch has been reported several times. After rumors about another version of the Switch surfaced this week, the references to the 4K model of Nintendo Switch seem to be increasing at the moment.

As can be seen in a report from Bloomberg, a more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch is indeed in the works. According to Bloomberg, the exact specifications have yet to be determined, but with the new version of the hybrid console-handheld, Nintendo is in fact aiming for a display in 4K. It also says that the launch of the “Switch Pro” is scheduled for 2021.

In order to make the more powerful model of the Switch appealing to gamers and at the same time to further bind existing customers to the Switch ecosystem, Nintendo will release numerous new games for Nintendo Switch in the coming year, according to Bloomberg. The titles are provided by Nintendo itself and by third-party manufacturers and are intended to appeal to casual gamers and long-time gamers alike.


According to the site, the focus on the coming year is also the reason why new Nintendo announcements have recently been quiet. Nintendo itself has not yet wanted to comment on the Bloomberg report or the rumors about the more powerful version of the Switch.