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Nintendo Confirms Its Next Gaming Console, Few Details Offered

Among the companies that more than any other has tried to constantly bring a breath of fresh air to the entire gaming world, there is certainly Nintendo. The Kyoto company, over the years, has always been known for its efforts to revolutionize the gaming experience of its members, creating consoles and peripherals capable of changing the way we play video games.


This approach, which is easily found in platforms such as Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch, will be maintained in the development of the new console, which will retire its current flagship of the Big N. To confirm it officially it was the president Shuntaro Furukawa who, on the occasion of the release of the report regarding the conclusion of the fiscal year, wanted to release some interesting statements about future plans of Nintendo.

Furukawa said that the company has always stood out for its tendency to build software-based hardware platforms (and vice versa) and that the next gaming console, whose arrival was announced for “20XX”, will be developed following this approach.

According to the president, the decision to adopt this approach, in addition to making Nintendo’s offer unique and differentiating it from that of its main competitors, is aimed at creating a lasting relationship with customers and increasing the points of contact between the company and the players.

Also, for this reason, the integration and functions between the various platforms on which the Nintendo Account can be used will be maintained in the future. Over the years Nintendo has accustomed us to seeing it release very special consoles and titles in which the hardware and software form almost a single entity.

At this point, we just have to wait for the next few months to find out the next gaming console from the house of Kyoto, Nintendo.