Nintendo Direct New Presentation Could Air Late August

According to some latest rumors appearing at these hours, Nintendo could present a new Nintendo Direct live stream in the next week on a day unspecified.

The ResetEra user NateDrake, who teased Indie World this week prior to its announcement, also mentioned that there would be plans for a new Nintendo Direct later this month.

This information was then picked up by Jeff Grubb, who indicated on Twitter that Nintendo will hold a second event before the end of August.

The previous Nintendo Direct was actually a Direct Mini focused on games being developed by Nintendo’s third-party partners. Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne HD Remaster was announced at the event, along with the spring 2021 release window for the next main installment in the series, Shin Megami Tensei 5. Sources had already told that the Kyoto house could hold a Direct in late August or early September.

All the small Nintendo Direct of the year were leaked in a similar way, so it cannot be excluded that this could really happen. The number of staff working to create a Direct, both internally and with external companies, certainly contributes to the leaks.

The last Nintendo Direct was held in early September 2019, and since then we’ve only seen Direct Mini’s or shows dedicated exclusively to indies. Recall that the next Direct has not yet been announced, so it is necessary to take all this information with due precaution until an official communication comes from the Kyoto house.