God of War Art Director Shares Some Beautiful Nintendo Artwork

Fan art of popular video games are all fun but what makes them even better is getting validation from someone who works in the industry and does something to contribute to the art form even though they may not be attached to the subject in question.

God of War was equally good narratively as it was visually and one of the art directors who worked on the project was Raf Grassetti. He has taken on characters from the Nintendo Universe especially taking on the Mushroom Kingdom lineup.

Raf Grassetti brings a new outlook to these characters making them seem lifelike and more vicious. His take on these characters gives them a defined personality as every character seems to stand out on their own.

You can check out his Instagram page @rafagrassetti where he has posted a collection of these characters. All seem lifelike and surreal.

As you go deeper into his page you will come across some of the most beloved characters in all of gaming and popular media.

Here are some of our favorites