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Nier Replicant Pre-Order Bonus- Mini Soundtrack Code

Planning on buying Nier Replicant, Here’s everything you need to know about the pre-order bonuses

Nier Replicant is very close to its’ release so you might not have much time to avail pre-order bonuses. Pre-order bonuses are a good way to build hype around the game and Square Enix is no different. Nier Replicant takes it a notch above with its beautiful soundtrack as one of the pre-order bonuses. Nier Replicant is available in a Standard edition as well as the White Snow Edition. Both the versions have pre-order bonuses which can be unlocked using the Mini soundtrack code, so let’s see how you can unlock the pre-order bonuses in Nier Replicant.

How to Unlock Pre-order bonuses?


Nier Replicant mini soundtrack code

Players buying it for PC will get a Digital Wallpaper collection as well with the soundtrack whereas Xbox players will only get the soundtrack as a pre-order gift. Play station players will get an Avatar set and a theme along with the mini soundtrack. Once you pre-order you get the mini soundtrack code which will help you unlock the pre-order bonuses. The pre-order bonuses can be accessed by simply redeeming the code. Many players are facing problems in redeeming the code and after going through many Reddit threads we got to know the reason. The code can be activated only after the game is available so you will get all your gifts after Nier Replicant is released.

Many players are facing issues with their pre-orders as they are automatically getting canceled. The reason for this may be the pre-scheduled payment dates clashing with your cards. Many players have their cards saved so you might want to check the validity of your card as well if you are facing issues with your pre-order. We would recommend players to go for the White Snow edition, the color scheme of the pack itself should be enough to lure you. This edition also has the soundtrack disc with a cover of similar color along with the small book- pins. Another highlight of this edition (probably our favorite) is the script collection, The White snow edition has a collection of books detailing the already well-threaded story of Nier. If you are a fan of Nier this edition is a dream for you.


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