Nier Replicant: Where To Find The Cookbook

Can’t find the Cookbook for the Tavern owner in Nier Replicant, let’s see where you can find it.

Nier Replicant brings more gravity to its source material. With a lot of side quests letting players explore the storyline more and give us the backstory of the NPC’s as well. The Tavern Owner is one such NPC who will need your help in finding the Cookbook in one of the quests. The Tavern Owner needs some new recipes for which he needs the Cookbook. He will ask you to get the Cookbook which will complete the “Bon Appetit Quest”. Let’s see where you can find the Cookbook in Nier Replicant.

How To Find The Cookbook In Nier Replicant?

Nier Replicant Cookbook

Players can find the Cookbook in the Library. The Library is very far so we would recommend you to ride the boar to save time. Once at the Library you will find the cookbook on your left. In case you are not good with directions, There will be an arrow as well pointing towards the Cookbook in the Library. After you take the cookbook to the owner, he will decide on a dish and ask you to get some ingredients for it.

To complete the quest you will have to get him the ingredients as well. After you get him all the ingredients, the Tavern Owner will give you the reward of 5000 gold. Even though the reward might seem good at first it’s a loss deal for us. The resources required for the quest themselves will cost over 7000 gold. We would still advise you to go for the quest as it will help you unlock other quests as well where you will have the opportunity to get ample rewards. You will find some quests like this where you will have to pay more than you get. These quests are simply there to lead the character further in the Game.

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