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NHL 22 Servers Down? How To Check NHL 22 Servers Status

Unable to connect to the EA servers in NHL 22? Here's how to check EA servers status for NHL 22.

NHL 22 is a multiplayer ice-hockey simulation video game by EA Sports. Ever since the launch of NHL 22, players have been encountering quite a few bugs and connection issues. The servers of the NHL have been constantly crashing causing the players to not connect through the game and hence are unable to play the game. Find out how to check the server’s status for NHL 22 in this guide.

How to Check NHL Server Status – Are NHL 22 Servers Down?

Here are the different methods to check if the EA servers are down for NHL 22.


Downdetector is a site that gives the stats of the servers for different games reported by the players. You can find out if the servers are down by looking at the graph indicating the outage. Quite recently, the outage of EA servers has been spiked up as reported by EA players. There are comments and discussions posted below the graph by players you can look for potential fixes.

EA Help

EA Help is a support site to update and assist EA players on an ongoing issue with an EA game. There is a server status page for PC, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation players for all EA games. Go to the NHL 22’s page on EA help to look for a fix to resolve the issue.

nhl 22 servers down ea help


There are basic and advanced steps for troubleshooting on EA help you can read to help you out with connectivity issues with servers.

NHL 22 Forums

You can also look for a potential fix on NHL 22 forums on their site, which discusses all the issues and updates of NHL 22. You can post a query or an issue and get quick responses for a solution from the community managers.

Xbox and PlayStation Networks

If you are playing NHL 22 on your Xbox or PlayStation, check your Xbox or PlayStation Network status server. You can check if their networks are down by going to their server status page. If the problem persists as Xbox or PS network is down, you will have to wait a while for them to resolve the issue.

Social Media

You can look for more solutions for NHL 22 posted by the community on Reddit or Twitter. Head over at @EA Help for recent tweets on any issues or outages and get brief updates.

That’s all on NHL 22 servers and how to check them. If this guide helped you, explore our other Guides, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.