NHL 21 Closed Beta Registration Starts, Here’s How To Sign Up

In the coming weeks, selected players will have the opportunity to take a first look at NHL 21 as part of the closed beta. As Electronic Arts announced, it is now possible to register for the closed beta for the ice hockey simulation title.

Electronic Arts’ in-house ice hockey simulation series NHL 21 is also entering the next round this year. If a little later than planned due to the coronavirus pandemic and the associated delays.

As Electronic Arts announced, interested players will have the opportunity in the coming weeks to take a first detailed look at NHL 21 as part of a closed beta or a technical test and to provide the developers with valuable feedback. The closed beta, which is made available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, has not yet been given a specific date.

However, you are already offered the opportunity to register for the technical test of NHL 21 on the official website and, with a little luck, win a place in the closed beta. There is of course no guarantee of participation. Remember that you will require an EA account to register for the closed beta.

NHL 21 is in development for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will be released on October 16, 2020, after a slight delay due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the associated move to the home office.

Implementations or technical upgrades for the two next-generation consoles of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are not planned.