Need For Speed Heat Is The New GTA Of Racing – Gamescom 2019 News

Turn the key, Burn all Limits

For the first time Need for Speed the most popular car racing game is breaking boundaries and creating the Heat. The latest edition Need for Speed Heat is a lot more than racing, it brings full visual customization of different cars, full character customization, and a dedicated smartphone app to design what you love the most. A ton of customization, sanctioned and unsanctioned races with a risk to lose everything if you are caught by cops.

The Wasted in GTA is Busted in NFS Heat

Riley Cooper – Creative Director, Ghost Games revealed many details on Need of Speed Heat, how the game is different and what are the new stuff coming up for fans. NFS Heat is unique this time, keeping the core racing gameplay intact it is going to eat a lot of time of players in the garage. That is where players will customize the cars visual as well its power and capabilities with new add-ons.

Need of Speed Heat features Day and Night time modes, wherein day players can participate in Sanctioned races, and cops go by rules stopping you from breaking traffic speed limits, etc. In Nighttime, they are on another level where you can get chased by helicopters and blocked by Rhinos. If you are busted you are going to lose everything you had earned the best place to avoid this is to hide in a garage.

During the nighttime, your Heat Level will rise, the higher the Heat-level the more cops will be chasing you with Police Cars, Rhinos, and Helicopters. So beware, the night is risky and comes with two challenges, first winning the race and second avoiding the cops. Days Time will sanction racing events are accessible through Speedhunters showdown and will reward players with money to buy customizations. Nighttime challenges bring repo.

Every car can be completely transformed said Cooper, with this you can also create a completely unique avatar through detailed character customizations. For the first time, players are stepping out of the car. Co-op with friends or ride alone by risking everything, it’s your choice. Need for Speed Heat features an open world with hidden challenges and collectibles, keep finding.

Cooper also introduced and launched Need for Speed Heat smartphone app Heat Studio, an app for Android and iOS that gives players the freedom to create their own unique model and see them live in the game.

Need for Speed Heat is releasing on November 8, 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.