New Yakuza Game Will Be Announced on September 27 at TGS 2020

As announced, we can look forward to a live stream of the Yakuza series as part of the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online. According to unconfirmed rumors, a new Yakuza game will be presented in the course of the stream.

Since the safety of exhibitors, employees, and visitors cannot be guaranteed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tokyo Game Show 2020 will take place in a purely digital format this year.

The various publishers will use the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online to present new games via live streams or to provide updates on projects that have already been announced. The Japanese publisher Sega will be present on September 27, 2020, at 20:00 JST and will, according to unconfirmed reports, introduce a new Yakuza game, among other things.

The supposedly decisive clue was provided by co-host Ayana Tsubaki, who referred in a tweet to the unveiling of a new Yakuza game. However, the corresponding tweet was deleted only a short time later, which raises the question of whether we are dealing with a simple mistake on the part of Tsubaki or an anticipated surprise.

In the official description of the livestream, Sega will only speak of “the latest information concerning the Yakuza series.” A new game is not mentioned in the description. We’ll know more by Sunday noon at the latest. Should Sega use the stream to announce a new Yakuza game, you will of course find out from us promptly.