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New World Patch Notes Update 1.8.1 (January 2023)

Here is the complete list of changes from the New World Patch Notes.

Looking for the New World Patch Notes for the 1.8.1 Update in January? Then you are at the right place. This update brings the Winter Convergence Festival to an end and there are quite a few changes and updates to look forward to. So if you want to know what would be different in New World, we recommend you check out all the fixes and changes below.


New World Patch Notes Update 1.8.1 (January 2023)

Patch Notes for New World

Now that the rewards, the loot, and other important mechanics of the game have had some update or the other. As a player, you will have to be aware of this and hence this guide is perfect for you.



  • Notable Fixes
    • Fast Travel costs should now be correct when traveling to a settlement.
  • Gear/ Items
    • Fixed an issue that caused Winter Convergence Life Staffs to have the incompatible perk Keenly Jagged. They now have Keenly Fortified.
  •  Expertise
    •  Fixed an issue that caused the Mutated version of the Starstone Barrows Expedition to not drop Sapphire Gypsum upon completion for eligible players.
  • Rewards/ Loot
    •  Fixed an issue that caused some named items to not drop in Mutated versions of Garden of Genesis and Dynasty Shipyard.
    •  Fixed an issue where Shields would have 5 perks when rolling a 600 Gear Score.
    •  Fixed the missing icon for the Band of the Armed Men.
    •  Re-enabled loot for several Brimstone Sands mobs that previously spawned too quickly.


One of the important parts of this New World Patch Notes is the combat.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Defensive Formation Fortify status effect to incorrectly be removed from a player when two players used it near each other.
    • Fixed an issue that caused active but sheathed weapons’ passive abilities to activate under certain circumstances.


    • Fixed a visual issue with the Winter Wanderer’s Flowing Cloak apparel.
    • Fixed an issue where dyes on Shields were being incorrectly applied to in-game store Shield skins. Players that had dyes applied to Shields will still have the dye applied to the base item but not the skin.
    •  Fixed a crash that sometimes happened in Outpost Rush when interacting with turrets.


    • Fixed an issue that caused players’ daily War limits to not reset correctly. This made some players unable to participate in the intended 2 Wars (1 attacking + 1 defending) per day per world.

That’s all there is on New World Patch Notes. While you are here, make sure you check out our other New World guides with Gamer Tweak.