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New World Dungeons List And All 6 Expeditions Guide

In this guide, learn about all the 6 dungeons that are there in New World.

Dungeons are a crucial part of any MMORPG game. And New World doesn’t lag behind the other games in that area. At the time of writing this article, this game has 6 dungeons. These dungeons get more and more difficult the more you progress in the game. So, in this guide let us take a look at the New World dungeons list, all expedition locations, and other requirements.

New World Dungeons List


new world dungeons list

There are a total of 6 dungeons right now in New World and these dungeon quests are also referred to as expeditions. They can be done at different levels and the minimum recommended level for the first expedition is level 25. You will have to reach level 60 for the last two dungeons.

The general strategy to beat them is your team must consist of 3 characters that deal high damage, 1 tank, and 1 healer. Alternatively, you could also take a team of 2 healers, 2 damage dealers, and 1 tank.


Here is the list of all 6 dungeons in New World.

  • Amrhein excavation
  • Destroyed Obelisk or Starstone Barrows
  • Depths
  • Dynasty Shipyard
  • Lazarus Instrumentality
  • Garden of Genesis/Origin

Below is the basic guide for each dungeon.


Amrhein Excavation

  • Location: Windsward region
  • Recommended Level: 25 and above
  • Requires Items: Armine Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Nakashima’s Ghost, Simon Grey

Destroyed Obelisk

  • Location: Everfall region
  • Recommended Level: 35 and above
  • Requires Items: Starstone Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Alectos, Greundgul


  • Location: Restless Shores region
  • Recommended Level: 45 and above
  • Requires Items: Depths Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Archdeacon Azamela, Captain Thorpe

Dynasty Shipyard

  • Location: Ebonscale Reach region
  • Recommended Level: 55 and above
  • Requires Items: Dynasty Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Isabella & Her Pets, Zhou Taiying

Lazarus Instrumentality

  • Location: Reekwater region
  • Recommended Level: 60
  • Requires Items: Lazarus Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Cilla, Chardis

Garden of Genesis/Origin

  • Location: Edengrove region
  • Recommended Level: 60
  • Requires Items: Genesis Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Alluvium Marl The Caretaker, The Blighted Greenskeeper

That sums up this guide on New World Dungeons List. If you like playing this game be sure to check out our other guide on how to get trophies. And for everything else, head over to our New World guides.