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New Splinter Cell Game Will Release in 2021, Voice Actor Says

According to current reports, a new Splinter Cell game is indeed in development. At least this was confirmed by Luca Ward, the Italian voice dubber of the protagonist Sam Fisher.

In recent months the rumor has persisted that a new Splinter Cell game is being worked on behind the scenes. Among other things, it was reported that fans of the stealth-action series may be able to look forward to a virtual reality experience based on Splinter Cell. While the responsible publisher Ubisoft remains silent, the references to the next title seem to be condensing these days.


With Luca Ward, none other than the Italian voice dubber behind the protagonist Sam Fisher caused the new speculations. As Ward indicated, the release of the new Splinter Cell game was originally scheduled for this year. However, due to the COVID 19 crisis and the associated move to the home office, the publication could be delayed to the next one, Ward continued.

“There is this return of Splinter Cell which should take place I think for a conclusive episode, but I’m not sure about this,” Ward said in an interview to an Italian website Multiplayer.it. “However they have not yet figured out whether to do it in 2021. Before it had to be 2020, then what happened and in 2020 several big projects got stuck. Others went on like Cyberpunk 2077 on which I have almost finished working. But I am sure that Splinter Cell will return, this is a fact.”

Ubisoft did not want to comment on the latest rumors about the comeback of Splinter Cell. Stay tuned to get the latest update on the new Splinter Cell game only on GamerTweak.com