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New PS5 Model CFI-1115A Registered by Sony

Sony is apparently releasing a modified or new PS5 model. This is indicated by a new registration dedicated to the wireless specifications for a new communication module (M20DAL1). The revision was given the designation CFI-1115A, while the previous model runs under the designation CFI-1015A.

As a rule, customers will not notice much of the minor changes to the hardware, as nothing has changed in either the performance or the features of the console. Such modifications are common practice and the small steps usually do not affect the overall structure of the hardware.


The SoC and other components will most likely stay the same, so this is not new PS5 hardware such as a slim version. That being said, it’s interesting to see Sony working on a new PS5 model.

This fits with a statement by Sony’s Jim Ryan. During a presentation, the PlayStation boss stressed that PlayStation 5 with the production next month will break even. Profits can then be expected in the coming months.

There will likely be a newly developed PS5, similar to the PS4 Pro that was released halfway through the last-gen console’s lifecycle. In the coming year, however, Sony should first dedicate itself to the PlayStation VR 2.0 virtual reality headset.


Shortly after its launch, the PS5 is one of Sony’s fastest-selling consoles. Worldwide more than 7.8 million sales were counted. And availability is still the limiting factor, not customer demand. Sony expects the PS5 bottlenecks due to the global semiconductor crisis to persist until 2022.