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The New Prison Architect DLC Will Allow You to Build Your Own Alcatraz

New Prison Architect DLC

Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven have announced that they are working on the expansion of Prison Architect’s prison escape simulator called Island Bound. It will be released on different platforms such as PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on June 11th.

Prison Architect was launched in 2015. Since that moment, this indie game has been able to attract more than four million gamers. Initially, the project was developed by Introversion Software. However, in 2019, Paradox Interactive acquired the rights to Prison Architect. And they made the Double Eleven Studio create different DLCs for the game. These expansions make users interested in the game again, and give customers a reason to return to the simulator again and again.


As the name suggests, Island Bound will allow you to create a prison on the island. So, it can be your own Alcatraz. You can also add ferry and helicopter hubs to the prison, which will help in the delivery of supplies and prisoners. However, as you understand, these things can be perfectly used by prisoners to escape. Therefore, players will need to be even more careful and plan a prison accordingly.

We remind that a few days ago, the Cleared for Transfer extension was released, which allows you to transfer prisoners from one sector to another and adjust the access level and privileges of certain zones. Therefore, this DLC ads many different game mechanics. For example, this encourages prisoners to seek placement in the blocks they want. The extension is free for PC users.