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New Pokemon Series In Development at Game Freak, According To Job Ads

It seems like a great day for fans of the Nintendo franchises. On the one hand, the first content expansion of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, will be launched today, with which we can explore a new island and discover a lot of new creatures and places. On the other hand, today, at 3 pm European time, or 6 am Pacific we have an appointment with Nintendo, since they will broadcast different news and details about this expansion, as well as new products.

About the latter, there have been many rumors, including the presentation of a new Pokemon game, which has been joined by Game Freak’s search for up to 23 new members for vacancies in the studio. Thus, it seems that from the Japanese studio they are seeking to expand their ranks and thus get more and better titles related to the world of Pokemon.


Among the positions they demand are planners, graphic designers, programmers, and human resources personnel, among others. In this link, you can check each of the applicants for the vacancies, but all must coincide in certain aspects, such as group work, secret video game development, strong desire to create titles, etc.

Be that as it may, alerts have emerged from the depths about this announcement, leading many to think that a new title could be revealed soon. With the Sword and Shield DLCs so close, it would be counterproductive to announce a high-caliber video game, so it could be a spin-off from the saga. About what seems to be no doubt is that Game Freak seeks with these new vacancies to expand its horizons and offer better Pokemon games, something that certain parts of its audience demand.

Remember, today, Wednesday, June 17, the Isle of Armor for Pokemon Sword and Shield will go on sale. Also, this afternoon, at 3pm European time, we will be able to discover what new secrets will be revealed to us.