How to get New Orders for Delivery In Death Stranding

By Raaj
5 Min Read

In Death Stranding as Sam Porter you will be take deliveries and get likes if you successfully complete it without damaging the cargo. In this Death Stranding how to take new order guide you will learn how to find new orders and how to successfully delivers them by plotting the safe route on the map.

How Take New Orders

When you start delivering you will unlock new Terminal in the Capitol Knot City or any new city you will unlock with time. Visit the city and interact with the Terminal to take new orders. The menu is bit complicated to understand here is an what you have to do to take new orders.

  1. Visit any city terminal like on in Capital Knot City.
  2. Interact with the Terminal just at the entrance of facility from where you will pick your package.
  3. Select Take On Orders. In the beginning there will only Orders for Sam. More new will be unlocked later like Standard Order.
  4. You have to pick Orders for Sam to take new order, you will be provided package details and the destination marker on the map.

You can also access Private Locker through the Terminal, but remember whatever you store will only be accessible to this Terminal only, so store things that are not needed. You can put them in share locker also but it will be accessible to other players.

Essential things to carry before Delivery

Before you head outside it is highly important to optimize your Cargo, which means balancing it well so speed up your movement as well carrying essential things like Ladder, climbing anchors, etc. This is what you have to do.

  1. Before you go to Private room, uses the toilet and bath. You will get explosives among which the one crafted from your blood, Hematic Grenades are the best. Carry as much as possible, you have to submit your blood through bag, and do not use much or else Sam will go dry.
  2. After taking order you will be in the Cargo Menu top grab items, hold X to Load All and then press Triangle to Auto-range Cargo. If you are not having Ladder and other important items like water, explosives, etc.
  3. Go to Fabricated menu and fabricate Ladder, camping hooks, PCC to construct structures like bridges, charging stations, watch tower, etc.

You will also unlock bike later, but it gets damage if you drive on rough surface. Also if you think you can just drive fast and escapes from BT’s it is not going to work. But you can outrun Mules.

How to Plot Safest Route

After completing a few deliveries, the Map will reveal more information Press options to view the Map, there are two ways to go. First follow the straight forward route on flat terrain passing through the BT and Mule Territory or climb the mountains. Mountains and steep slopes are tough if you are carrying a lot of weight, the best weight is around 70KG. Above that it becomes a mess to carry. Another issue is the lost cargo on the ground, it again is a problem, but you can pick them and submit to the nearest post box to get free likes.

Hold Square and move the left joystick to plant your route, it will act as a way point directing you towards your locations. The safest route is through the mountains, but it requires a lot of climbing that needs good amount of hooks and ladders. Or else you can go slow by sneaking behind BT’s and Mule. It is possible, do not forget to place a sign if you spot a danger this will help other players.

Good luck with your deliveries.