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New Nintendo Switch To Have 8GB RAM – Leak

OS Data mine leaked hardware specs of upcoming switch

According to an leak by Mike Heskin who had worked on various Nintendo Switch hacking projects revealed a lot of info on upcoming Nintendo Switch models hardware config. Thanks for to ResetEra user Atheerios for compiling the list of details we shared below.


The data about new hardware is coming through Switch Firmware 5.0, that revealed there are three hardware models in the line. One model features original Tegra 210 and two others will be powered by new Tegra 214 (Mariko). Assuming the models as Switch Lite and Switch New, both will feature 4GB and 8GB RAM under the new upgraded hardware specification.

Both models will used LPDDR4X DRAM that offers a small battery boost due to low voltage. Recently announced Switch Lite features a non-detachable controller design, and new models will also have the same form factor. The GPP used will be clocked at higher values compared to Switch Lite that will add more power to the graphic performance. Codenames “Iowa” and “Calcio” are speculated to have more internal storage.


Currently there is concrete details whether Nintendo is setting up a plan for a “Pro” edition or a new Switch model with better hardware, the recent Nintendo Switch lite was all about portability, a model exactly similar to regular witch, except smaller size and non-detachable joy-con for on the go gaming.

Source: Reset Era