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New Monster Hunter Game Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch, Capcom Hints

For the time being, we know that the only Monster Hunter series title available on Nintendo Switch is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, known as the Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) in other regions. However, a recent statement from Capcom has ignited hopes for a new Monster Hunter game coming to the hybrid console of Nintendo Switch.

In a recent meeting with investors, the company answered some questions regarding the Monster Hunter saga. One of the questions raised was related to the possibility of seeing a new Monster Hunter game on Switch in the future, but the response, in this case, has been negative.

A second question was related instead to the possibility that a title of the series destined in particular for the younger ones, such as the portable chapters for PSP, is being worked on.

As you can read from the tweet published below, Capcom said that there are indeed plans for developing such a game.

Someone published some of the Q&A from the Capcom IR meeting on their blog apparently:

Q: MHW on Switch?
A: No plans.

Q: Any MH game targeted to middle-high school kids, like when it was on the PSP?
A: Yes, we have dev plans for a MH game like that

It is therefore possible that the Japanese company is referring to a new episode of the series for the portable console. However, this is currently quite vague information, so we will have to wait for official details to be able to confirm everything.

Recall that there are still no plans for a Monster Hunter World Nintendo Switch port.