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New Mirror’s Edge Game Teased By EA?

For years, EA’s first-person adventure series Mirror’s Edge has been silent. Now, however, it could be that the company is hinting at a new part Mirror’s Edge game.

With Mirror’s Edge, Electronic Arts launched a completely new brand in 2008, in which players in the role of the runner Faith performed breakneck course moves from the first person’s perspective.

Although the title is still an insider tip, neither the original nor its successor Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was a great commercial success for EA. Since then it has been very quiet around the brand. At least until now.

More precisely, two tweets from EA France are currently attracting the attention of many fans of the series. In their first message, you can see a pixelated picture with the question “Who recognizes this game?”

On closer inspection it is noticeable that two arms can be seen, the right hand seems to be wearing a red glove. It is well known that Mirror’s Edge protagonist Faith wears one in the two games in the series.

In another tweet published shortly afterward, EA France assured that this was “not a teasing”: “If we tease something one day, you will understand it right away, don’t worry.” So ​​it could be that Electronic Arts is suggesting a new Mirror’s Edge game in the franchise, but currently does not want to officially announce it.

Since the release of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, it has been known to be silent about the series. However, the company emphasized that those responsible were satisfied with rather mixed ratings that the game received from the press at the time (69% on PS4 at Metacritic).

In addition, Electronic Arts confirmed that they want to continue to stick to the brand. Maybe fans of the series can look forward to the unveiling of a new Mirror’s Edge part soon.