New Game Ready Driver for ‘F1 23’ has GeForce Gamers Ready to Race with NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex

NVIDIA released a new GeForce Game Ready driver for F1 23 , launching June 16th with NVIDIA DLSS 2 and NVIDIA Reflex support.

This new Game Ready driver will also have GeForce RTX gamers Game Ready for Aliens: Dark Descent and have support for 8 new G-SYNC Compatible gaming displays and another 7 GeForce Experience Optimal Settings.

Game Ready for F1 23

On PC, GeForce RTX users can accelerate frame rates with NVIDIA DLSS 2. Also, NVIDIA DLSS 3 is coming to the game in a post-launch update.

All GeForce RTX gamers will also receive the highest possible frame rates when activating immersive ray-traced reflections and shadows thanks to dedicated ray-tracing cores on each GeForce RTX GPU. And GeForce GTX 900 Series and newer gamers can make F1 23’s racing even more responsive with NVIDIA Reflex.

F1 23 features all the teams, drivers, and circuits for the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship including the highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix and Losail International Circuit, Qatar. The game also allows players to create headlines with the return of story-based Braking Point, the second chapter that takes players beyond the racing and a closer look at the life of an F1 driver.

More DLSS Games

DLSS momentum continues to grow, as today brings a new slate of DLSS games that are on the way, including:

More Game Ready Goodies and Upgrades

  • This is the driver to use for Aliens: Dark Descent
  • The new Game Ready Driver adds support for 8 new G-SYNC Compatible displays, including:
    • Asus PG38UQ
    • Asus VG27AQ3A
    • Asus VG279QM1A
    • Asus VG27AQML1A
    • LG 27GR83Q
    • LG 32GR93U
    • Panasonic MZ1500
    • Panasonic MZ980
  • The new Game Ready Driver adds GeForce Experience’s one-click optimal settings for 7 new games:
    Diablo IV

    • Starship Troopers: Extermination
    • Street Fighter 6
    • System Shock
    • The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum
    • The Outlast Trials
    • Voidtrain