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New Fable Game Will Be An MMO – Rumor

A few hours after the highly anticipated Xbox Games Showcase event, in which Microsoft presented some great titles that will arrive in the future on the next-generation console of Xbox Series X, rumors have already appeared on the net for the new Fable game.

According to reports from some fans looking for clues, the French journalist and insider CronoTK would have published online a list containing the titles presented at the event before the event actually aired.

In the list, however, the highly anticipated new chapter of the series would be renamed as Fable MMO, suggesting a different nature from what the audience expected from the title. Although the news has not been confirmed in any way, some fans have noted that the French journalist had also anticipated that the video game would not be called Fable 4 and that there simply would be no number in the title.

It may simply be a coincidence, but the public was particularly impressed by the predictions of CronoTK, which proved true during the conference. According to other famous insiders, the title would not be an MMO in all respects, but would have some of the typical characteristics of that type of video game.

At the moment we cannot say for sure what the title will hold for us, considering also the fact that Playground Games has not yet released any type of declaration capable of refuting or confirming the numerous rumors. We just have to wait for more information on the title, of which we remind you the first teaser trailer has been published.

Recall that the new Fable game will release on Xbox Series X and PC.