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CSGO 2: All New Counter Strike 2 Skins

Dataminers have found new Counter Strike 2 skins through the CS2 files. Here's a list of them for every weapon.

Skins are an integral part of CSGO, and recently, some data miners have found out about the new skins in Counter Strike 2 through CS2 game files. Since the announcement of CS2, many players have been concerned about their cosmetics from CSGO. Now that Valve has confirmed that players can carry over their inventory from CSGO to CS2, the topic of new skins has piqued the interest of all players. Some cosmetics are a part of existing families like Fade and Urban DDPAT on new guns. That said, here are all the skins that may appear in CS2.

List of Counter Strike 2 New Skins (CSGO 2)

New CS2 Knives

  • Twin Blade Knife
  • Kukri Knife
  • Nomad Knife

New Assault Rifle Skins

AK47 New Gold Brick Skin in CS2
Image Source: ALE on YouTube

Assault rifles are widely used in CSGO as default buys. Owing to their popularity, these are the new skins for all ARs.

  • M4A4: Gold Flake
  • M4A4: Co-Processor
  • M4A4: Marble Violet
  • AK47: Gold Brick
  • M4A1-S: Hypnotic
  • M4A1-S: Gamma Doppler (Phase 1)
  • SG556: Prey
  • FAMAS: Carbon Fiber
  • AUG: Carbon Fiber

New CS2 Sniper Skins

AWP Whiteout
Image Source: ALE on YouTube

The AWP is getting two new skins, one being a crisp white finish. Since white skins are rare in this game, so the Whiteout will garner popularity immediately.

  • AWP: Whiteout
  • AWP: Full Stop
  • Scar 20: Dark Water

New Pistol Skins

New Gold Deagle skin in CSGO 2
Image Source: ALE on YouTube

Apart from ARs and AWPs, pistols are the most used weapons in CSGO. The new Gold Deagle and Case Hardened Glock will be a good investment in the Steam market.

  • Glock: Carbon Fiber
  • Glock: Case Hardened
  • Desert Eagle: Gold Brick
  • P2000: Mudder
  • FN Five-Seven: Amber Fade

New Shotgun & LMG Skins in CSGO 2

New NEGEV Skin in CS2
Image Source: ALE on YouTube
  • Negev: Polar Camo
  • XM1014: Urban DDPAT
  • Nove: Fade
  • Nova: Silver
  • Mag7: Midnight Palm

New Counter Strike 2 SMG Skins

Urban DDPAT MP5 skin
Image Source: ALE on YouTube
  • MP5: Case Hardened
  • MP5: Carbon Fiber
  • MP5: Urban Rubble
  • UMP45: Motherboard
  • P90: Forest Night
  • Bizon: Tuxedo

Note that data miners leak these skins through game files. They can be models for developers to check the lighting and other new features.

That’s all from us on CSGO 2, all new skins. Before purchasing any skin, it’s better to learn more about them, like their Float value, so visit our CSGO section for more information.