New Batman Game Hints At Batgirl & Two-Face, Game Map Revealed

WB Games Montreal recently started releasing some clues about their new Batman game that is rumored to be inspired by Court of Owls, and now we have references that seem to suggest the presence of Batgirl and Two-Face in the new game, possibly titled as Batman: Gotham Knights.

To begin with, a few hours ago the Twitter account @r3dakt3d published a code that when inserted in the game’s teaser website, it gives the first look at the game map. The image (which you can see below) seems to confirm that the game will take place in an open-world Gotham City, even showing what appears to be a mission marker. However, there is no way to confirm if this is just a small fragment or if it is representative of the final product.

New Batman Game Map

But after that, the game’s teaser website showed the number 761,941,364,995, which although at first seemed not to be relevant, but it is about the Detective Comics barcode #359 which coincidentally is Barbara Gordon’s first appearance of Batgirl. In addition, that number is part of the Gotham Knights series and includes the presence of the Bat-family, something that has been indicated in the rumors of the new game.

And in addition to this, the Twitter user @Presoboard published that he found within the website’s files what he believes will be the following teaser, and as you can see it shows the phrase “Face Two Face” which seems to indicate the presence of Two-Face.

These are assumptions based on the clues but it should be remembered that there is nothing official yet, although fortunately, it seems that the wait will be short since the new Batman game is expected to be announced this weekend in the framework of DC FanDome.