Next Assassins Creed Codenamed Kingdom Will Be Set In Viking Era – Rumor

Kevin Almeida
1 Min Read

Assassins Creed features a unique era every time a new title comes out, and this time it is rumored to be set in Vikings world. The last title Odyssey was set in Greece Era, where a war was breaking the world and as a mercenary, an Assassin rises.

The rumor of Assassins Creed Viking Era comes out form the posters of The Division 2, in various places like in stronghold you can view Viking posters. Does this mean the Assassins will be a Viking? It is not confirmed by Ubisoft, where the next game takes place, but the rumors sound a little promising. It looks the developer wants the players to speculate on the basis of hints in The Division 2. There are also that these can be only a theory.

As per the news source Gamespot, Kotaku has confirmed from two independent sources who are familiar with the game, that next Assassins Creed title codenamed Kingdom will feature Viking. This adds more surety that to some extent the rumor has some clarity, however, we will be getting more info on the game in E3 2019.