Netflix & PlayStation Partnership Rumored, According To A Datamine Leak

In the course of yesterday, we witnessed the release of a particular report that seems to anticipate big news at Netflix. The streaming video giant could also embrace the video games world very soon with a new section entirely dedicated to gaming. We are talking about rumors, but from what is emerging on the net in these hours there would be more than a few clues to support these persistent rumors, as a new leak suggests that Netflix and PlayStation partnership is not long in coming.

Netflix and PlayStation partnership leaked?

To bring to light some news on the Netflix gaming situation was Steve Moser, an industry journalist who, on his Twitter profile, showed some interesting discoveries on one of the topics of the moment.

According to what has been discovered, the section dedicated to Netflix gaming currently would have the codename “Shark”. Furthermore, through the datamining of the app for iOS, it was possible to find other interesting information.

In addition to the Shark logo, which represents a shark fin emerging from the water, two other very interesting images have been found that outline what could be the future of the productions arriving on the platform.

Both images come from the world of PlayStation, with the first showing a pair of DualSense and the second representing one of the recent exclusives of the Sony console: Ghost of Tsushima.

These clues seem to underline how the Netflix gaming section could have a close collaboration with the PlayStation brand. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that a partnership is already in place that sees many of Sony’s cinematic films arriving right on the streaming video platform.

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