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COD MW2: How To Unlock Nessie Achievement / Trophy

Want to reach to the barge without being seen in Wetwork? Read this article to know how to unlock Nessie Achievement/Trophy in COD MW2

Call of Duty’s latest title Modern Warfare 2 (2022) will be released on 28th October. However, the game is released in early access. The game has several new improvements like advanced AI systems, overhauled vehicle systems, and water physics. Stealth has been a prominent part of the Call of Duty series. The mission ‘Wetwork’ requires you to be stealthy and if you do it right, you will get a trophy/achievement. In this article, we will tell you how to unlock Nessie Achievement / Trophy in COD MW2.


How to Unlock Nessie Achievement / Trophy in COD MW2

COD MW2 get into the barge unseen in Wetworks

‘Wetwork’ is the third mission in Modern Warfare 2 set in Amsterdam. You will be playing as Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick, accompanying Captain Price. Unlock Nessie achievement in COD MW2 by taking down all the guards unseen and reaching the barge. Some of the guards will be in pairs so you will have to be quick and precise about how you eliminate these 10 – 12 guards.

Some things to keep in mind while clearing the docks:

  • Swim towards the first guard and take him out using a knife or a ledge takedown
  • You can go underwater and the guards won’t detect you there
  • Take the silenced pistol and the throwing knife (if you used one) off the guard
  • You can use the pistol to kill the guards with headshots
  • Avoid being on the dock and use the boats as covers
  • Isolate the Patrol Boats and then take down the guards on them
  • Take down the guards on the boat using the pistol and knives alternatively as it’s quicker
  • Throughout the mission, there will be checkpoints. If you alert a guard then go to the menu and Restart from the last checkpoint. This way you won’t have to start the mission all over again

Reach the barge without being seen to unlock the Wetwork achievement. We recommend you start with one end and make your way to the other before going to the barge. For Example, clear the right docks first, then the patrol boats, and then the left docks. You will complete the mission even if you are detected but you won’t unlock the achievement.
That’s all from us on how to unlock the Nessie Achievement / Trophy in COD MW2. If you want the list of all the campaigns then check out our COD MW2 Campaign Missions List.